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I work with our designers and product marketers to create infographics that explain complex themes in visually appealing and easily consumable ways.


Sample copy from “Proactive vs. Reactive AP department” infographic

This one is one of our perennial top performers on the Tradeshift blog. Here’s the introduction landing page copy:

Are you working in a proactive or reactive AP department? 

Take this quick quiz to find out:

– Are there any paper invoices on any desk in your office?

– Do you manually process pdf, email, or fax invoices?

– Do you have to wait to get invoices before you can start your job?

– Is your data integrated?

– Do you send your data off to a cleaning service?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in a reactive AP department.


sample copy from “Six early payment trends reshaping global supply chain finance”

Like the Olympics, every two years (or so) Global Business Intelligence releases a report designed to help Finance, Procurement, Treasury, and Supply Chain professionals evaluate the trends, issues and perspectives in supply chain finance. This year, GBI conducted over 30 interviews with corporate treasurers who’ve either implemented or are planning to implement buyer-led early pay techniques. The results explore how organizations are trying to “improve working capital across both the supplier and customer ecosystem.”