I worked at Lindbergh high school for 10 years teaching language arts, AP language and composition, and art history. Below are a few samples of my work. If you’re a new teacher that stumbled on this page and you’d like a look at any more of my curricula or lesson plans, feel free to email me (even if you’re just interested in seeing more of my work).


Art History Seattle Art Museum assignment

I worked with the Seattle Art Museum’s teacher resource department to craft a user-guided project. Students chose various cultures to explore a theme throughout time periods and regions. Then they wrote analytic essays defending their conclusions.


Lindbergh high school’s first Certified AP language and composition course

I created the course content, wrote out the year-long curriculum, received AP certification, and made constant yearly tweaks to improve coursework and student performance. Here’s the syllabus if you’re interested in teaching it.


National Board certified teacher

It took around 100 pages, four tests, and a lot of hard work, but I earned my national board certificate in 2015. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, this gives a good summary.