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Future Commerce

I worked with Future Commerce to define their voice and tone, a podcast that Forbes called one of "six tech podcasts worth your time."


Episode 50 write up

Their professionally playful style helps them connect with the retail leaders listening to their show. My goal for their copy was to keep it informational for busy professionals, but interject levity throughout the copy. I strove to impart their friendly tone in minimalist copy.


Episode 51 description

My copy goal was to increase listenership through clear copy. I worked to influence the tone by distilling an hour long podcast into clear, crisp, and concise copy that's easily scannable for their audience.


Audio Scriptwriting

I wrote this copy for one of their long-form audio prediction series that doubled as an e-book. They experimented with providing subscriber bonus content like e-books and prediction series. I worked with the creators to take their bulleted lists of ideas and craft them into a vibrant text they felt comfortable presenting to their professional audience. This one doubled as audio content, hence the first person point of view.