Teaching Samples

I had the honor to work in public education for ten years. I spent all of those years at Lindbergh high school in Renton, Washington, a truly diverse and urban school. During the last few years, I was able to lead our staff as a “learning leader,” our name for teachers involved in providing teacher training and implementation of new initiatives. Below are a few samples of my work. If you’d like a look at any more of my curricula or lesson plans, feel free to email me.


Art History Seattle Art Museum assignment

I worked with the Seattle Art Museum’s teacher resource department to craft an art walk assignment for my students. Students chose various cultures to explore a theme throughout time periods and cultural understandings. Then they wrote analytic essays defending their conclusions.


Created Lindbergh high school’s first AP language and composition course

I created the course content, wrote out the year-long curriculum, and made constant yearly tweaks to improve coursework and student outcome. I attended summer trainings and was certified to teach AP language and composition.


National Board certified teacher

It took around 100 pages, four tests, and a ton of stress, but I earned my national board certificate in 2015. It affirmed what I already knew, that I was a great teacher concerned with the ongoing success of my students. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, the link below gives a good summary.