Tradeshift brand

I currently write content and copy for Tradeshift, a B2B company based in San Francisco. I get to write about topics and professions deemed boring by popular culture, and turn them into interesting and exciting themes to explore.


The proactive vs. reactive accounts payable infographic

I work on the brand team at Tradeshift, which lets me collaborate closely with our designers. This infographic is a perennial high performer on our blog because it explains a potentially complex comparison in a visually appealing and easily consumable story.


E-book asset: accounts payable game plan

For this asset, I interviewed finance professionals and used their quotes as the backbone for this e-book. It’s an advice asset to help ap departments improve and professionals advance in their career. I worked with our design team throughout the process to create a professional asset. And I crafted a series of blogs, social posts, and emails as part of the campaign.


Video interview in partnership with leading analyst

I collaborated with Gartner to organize, edit, and publish this video featuring an analyst and Tradeshift’s CEO. I helped with our interview questions, provided editing feedback, and then published a combination of a landing page, blog, emails, and social posts. And I worked with Gartner to get approval for all external messaging.

supply change logo.jpg

Supply Change podcast production

I’ve used my experience with Future Commerce to create a podcast project brief, produce episodes, work with our audio and video designer to edit episodes, planned our design layout with our graphic designer, and plan for future series that explore the entire supply chain. Then I’ve worked with our social media manager to promote the podcast, and written blogs to highlight each episode. Listen to it on your favorite podcast player.


Blog posts!

I’ve written a slew of blog posts for content team. Tradeshift wants to write content for the everyday practitioner in the procurement, finance, and accounts payable field that makes these data heavy jobs feel approachable and the employees feel understood. I particularly like my work explaining collaboration across accounts payable and treasury and procurement. I also am proud of my work exploring the “supply chain of everything” from Game of Thrones, to space rockets.