I'm Matt Vermeulen. I'm a freelance copywriter writing about technology, education, retail, art, history, and pop culture. I currently write content for FutureCommerce, a podcast Forbes named one of the, "six tech podcasts that are worth your time." I also write long form: you can see some samples on my blog. 

Before freelancing, I taught high school for 10 years in the Seattle area as a national board certified teacher. I taught art history and advanced placement language and composition to a whole bunch of amazing kids. It was awesome. Ask any of my students. 

Besides writing, I love kayaking, hiking, reading everything from literature to history, and documenting the wonderful places my wife and I travel. 

Want to hire me to do some copywriting? Ask me questions about your favorite art work? Discuss a movie you saw on Netflix? Got a funny cat video you want to share? Email me. I'll happily read it.